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Friday, May 25 2018 @ 12:30 AM

Splack 8.0 on Sun Netra

Hardware compatibilityI am trying to install Splack 8.0 on a Sun Netra T105 using a serial terminal. I get as far as logging on as root and getting the Bummer tty2 and tty3 messages. I fixed that by following the instructions for the workaround, but I can't get Splack install to recognise my cdrom as the source. I get a message refering me to FAQ.TXT for info on how to copy some of the cdrom to hard disk to install but there is no mention of that in FAQ.TXT.

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Authored by: crn on Monday, May 12 2008 @ 07:57 PM Splack 8.0 on Sun Netra
The reference to FAQ.txt is in a file copied from Slackware but the FAQ file was not copied. You could try looking at Slackware but first check if the CD is being detected.

dmesg should show you all of the hardware being detected and the device nodes allocated. If the cdrom is being detected you can tell the installer what device to use, if not you may need to modprobe for the correct driver.
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