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Tuesday, July 17 2018 @ 10:22 PM

Perl and openssl broken in 10.1

Bugs / Known issuesI\'ve installed Splack 8.0 on my Ultra 5 and then upgraded the packages to tree-10.1.
It mostly works (even x11 works), but I noticed that these packages are broken:
perl - there are docs and something other but there is no perl inside - so I used perl 5.8.0 from beta
openssl - same as perl - the libraries are missing
silo - it\'s unable to boot any kernel, 1.2.5 works fine

I\'ve compiled my own 2.6.14 kernel and it seems to work.

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Authored by: Jason on Wednesday, January 04 2006 @ 03:42 AM Perl and openssl broken in 10.1
Hi there,

Thanks for the heads-up on those packages. I finally forced myself to eat my own dogfood and installed the entire thing fresh on an Ultra. I've uploaded replacement packages at http://splack.homelinux.com/patches/ for the time being. Be nice, it's a residential connection. ;-)

I've stepped through the build process for Perl and fixed a few problem areas. Here's what I found:
- The SlackBuild had a lowercase $pkg variable on line 109 preventing the 'make install' from populating the package correctly. This was changed to an all-caps $PKG.
- The explicit man page installation locations have been commented out. No more seeing an odd package-perl/ entry in your tmp/ directory.
The interpreter seems to work when '/usr/bin/perl*' was explicitly deleted and then installpkg-ed. The basic tests which were ran when the package was being built all passed. The only test failures when building this package were in the database modules. This was probably because I don't have MySQL set up for running the Perl tests. Give it a go and let me know if it works.

The OpenSSL package was built for SPARC v7. When I was running the configure script, it gave me this warning:

You gave the option 'shared'.  Normally, that would give you shared libraries.
Unfortunately, the OpenSSL configuration doesn't include shared library support
for this platform yet, so it will pretend you gave the option 'no-shared'.  If
you can inform the developpers (openssl-dev@openssl.org) how to support shared
libraries on this platform, they will at least look at it and try their best
(but please first make sure you have tried with a current version of OpenSSL).
This message doesn't appear when compiled for v8 or v9 (really v8+), and produces proper shared libraries. I've built v8 and v9 packages now, as well. They're also in patches/ on my machine. I'll probably wind up making the v8 version the default and put the v7 version in extra/ or something.

If anyone here is a SPARC assembly guru, go help out with this. It would be nice to have shared SSL libraries on my IPX. :-)

I found SILO to be broken, too. It's rather unusual, since it was working perfectly on a different machine. Were you getting an error along the lines of "Can't find a loadable ELF segment", or was it some other error? I did have to downgrade to 1.4.5 from -current to get my system booting properly. The problem may be the build tools are "too new." It looks like this was touched on over at the sparclinux list (Thread1, Thread 2). I'll investigate further in a day or two.


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Authored by: Jason on Saturday, January 07 2006 @ 09:48 AM Perl and openssl broken in 10.1
Alright. I've finished working on SILO. It boots a kernel for my U10. With any luck, it'll work on other Ultras as well. I haven't tested it with SPARC32 machines yet, so I'm not promising anything for them. Get it from patches/ and try it out.

I bumped the version to SILO 1.4.10 since it looked like some important variable type changes were made (among other things). Also, I had to roll a rather gritty patch to get SILO to build cleanly. Take a look at the patches/source/ directory to see the nature of the beast.

Ah, tree-10.1 patches.... Now with 100% more SOURCE! ;-)

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