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Tuesday, July 17 2018 @ 10:16 PM
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Progress - was - Project suspended

General NewsDue to an extended lack of progress the Splack project has been suspended until a new team can be found to take over.

Well, it looks like we are getting somewhere.
Gregsparc has uploaded his work which was a separate project and is now merging it into Splack. Take a look in the gregbeta directory on the mirrors. No installer yet, but most of the updated packages are there if you would like to upgrade.
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booting from cdrom

Hardware compatibilityhello world

I\'ve tried the a,ap,d,x,xap packages from the tree-10.1 on my sunblade 1000, everything is ok. Does someone succeed in building a spalck iso that can boot from cdrom on blade series ?
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Ultra 5 fast data access miss

Hardware compatibilityHi, I am trying to install splack 8 on a ultra5 400MHz. Booting from cdrom fails because \"fast data access MMU miss\". any workaround?
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beta on sun blade 1000

Hardware compatibilityI ve successfully installed the beta dist on a sun blade 1000 using the tftpboot image.
I m gona try to build the complete beta un my new station.
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User registration now moderated

General NewsDue to multiple scripted attacks every day by porn spammers I have changed the procedure for new members joining this site.
In future new user registrations will be emailed to me for approval.
Sorry for the inconvenience, folks, but I have better things to do than waste time deleting porn spam.
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Splack and SUN Sparc Ultra 5

About SplackHello World!
I\'ve a big problem with Spalck and the Workstation Sun Ultra 5 360MHZ(256 Mb)
I can\'t start KDE,i can\'t configure xf86config ....i don\'t know why!

For example,the installation is OK...after the login i configure X-window with xf86config.
The VGA onboard is ATI MACH64 with 4Mb ram,i hope so....but when i type the command \"startx\" there is this error:
\"Can\'t load module for VGA CARD\"
if i chancge the module of video card the problem is the same....

Can you help me?

I\'ve the standard Sun Sparc Ultra 5 and i can\'t start KDE.....:-(
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building X appears too difficult for me

About SplackFirst of all - many thanks for this system ! i regently got some Ultra boxes into my hands and have tried several systems on them - but my old friend seems the best ( i\'ve used Slackware years ago a lot ).

As the Ultra 5 is rather old - just like me - i decided to begin with an older Splack 8 which installed smoothly and works well after building a minimal kernel for it -- i\'d like to keep-IT-simple.

Now as i\'d like to build as much as possible myself, i have tried to compile some X versions without luck;

i get a different error when trying different versions of X - mostly some function undeclared

compiling XFree86 4.6.0 i got \'XK_KP_Equal undeclared\' in KeyBind.c line 888 and 955 ( function _XTranslateKey and _XTranslateKeySum )

Would you like to help me on this ?! Many thanks in advance !

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Booting from CD fails on Netra i

About SplackI\'ve got an old Netra i (UltraSPARC 143, SCSI, SBUS) and would like to install splack. I spent many hours this week trying to get it to boot from CD ROM with no luck.

I downloaded splack-08jul2k5.iso and burnt it to CD-R on my Slackware 10.2 x86 machine (Cdrecord-Clone 2.01 (i686-pc-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 1995-2004 J?rg Schilling).

At the PROM I do boot cdrom. The error I get is \"The file just loaded doesn\'t appear to be executable.\" I looked at the FAQs (which are all many years out of date) and thought that mybe I needed an o.out kernel. So I tried making one, with a kernel from the CD image, gunzip\'s it and used elftoaout. I made a new ISO image with the script supplied.

However, it occurred to me that the kernel is probably not the problem, since SILO does not appear to be running.

I tried a new silo.conf file, and have burnt many CDs.

I also downloaded the NetBSD 3.0 sparc64 install iso image and burnt that, which works perfectly. Of course, NetBSD does not run SILO.

I ran .version in the prom. Here\'s the output:

Release 3.1 Version 1 created 1996/03/08 14:20
OBP 3.1.1 1996/03/08 14:20
POST 3.10.2 1996/03/14 05:10

I reckon my PROM should be able to cope with ELF binaries, if the ancient FAQs are to believed.

Does anyone have any clues as to what might be going wrong?

Thanks very much.
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About SplackI\'m trying to install Splack8 on an Enterprise 250. Now this machine lacks a floppy drive, and i have no other machine to do the mkisofs thingy on, so what should i do to boot the installation?
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Perl and openssl broken in 10.1

Bugs / Known issuesI\'ve installed Splack 8.0 on my Ultra 5 and then upgraded the packages to tree-10.1.
It mostly works (even x11 works), but I noticed that these packages are broken:
perl - there are docs and something other but there is no perl inside - so I used perl 5.8.0 from beta
openssl - same as perl - the libraries are missing
silo - it\'s unable to boot any kernel, 1.2.5 works fine

I\'ve compiled my own 2.6.14 kernel and it seems to work.


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