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Tuesday, July 17 2018 @ 10:20 PM
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How to help

DevelopersHello all,

i like to use Sun-HW and (of course) Slackware. I have some experience with Slackware/Slackintosh. At the moment i have no HW, but will get a Ultra5 workstation in the next days. So i try to install splack on it (which version is the preferred one? 8.0 or 10-beta).
After that and some playing, i\'m \"ready\" to help!

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On Ultra1 with Splack8: poweroff after halt and wide scsi disk with adapter keeps wide

Hardware compatibilityOn my Ultraparc 1 I have installed Splack 8 succesfully. There are two minor problems:
1. after `halt\' it returns to openboot i.s.o. switching off the computer. On my Sparcstation 5 it works fine. Do I have to change something in openboot?
2. I have got an extra hard disk of Western Digital with 68 pins wide scsi connector. Via an adapter I reduced it downto 50 pins. In /proc/scsi/esp/0. it says it is wide, but the connector is narrow. What has to be changed in the driver drivers/scsi/esp.c ?

Thanks in advance,

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Progress : tree-10.1

About SplackYAY - PROGRESS.
Many thanks to Jason who has been busy building a large flock of updates.
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last news

About SplackHello

I m building a new site for french/english informations about splack and enterprise 250 server. For now, I\'ve got splack running quiet well with kernel 2.4.27 smp, xfree86-4.5.0 on my GFX8P raptor video card, WindowMAker-0.91 compiled on it with GCC 3.4. I m gone try now to build GCC 4 and a newer kernel. Also work on gnome 2.8 and KDE 3.4. I m building packages but need more time to build source packages.
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GCC 3.x.x for Splack Linux for SPARC64

VersionsHas anyone built a native sparc64 linux GCC of version > 2.9x, hopefully GCC 3.x.x. I\'d like to upgrade my splack linux box to GCC 3.x and I\'m having problems building it using tools such as crosstool.


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silo website down?

About SplackIs it just me or is the silo website down?


that kinda sucks. Anyone with any info?
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Services Down (sshd, inetd)

Hardware compatibilityI'm successfully installing splack on sun4u 5, and everything was going fine (I could do a remote ssh, ftp and telnet) and I let the computer standby for 2 days, until the next day I could not do a ssh or any inetd services, where I'm sure that all the services runs well! Do you know what probably happen? Is it all because of the hardware instead? Btw, how to fsck your diskdrive, because everytime i do fsck /dev/hda2, there appear a question that the /dev/hda2 is mouted, of course I can not amout it since it's the only drive active I have instead of /dev/hda1 as swap? thank you
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Framebuffer configuration

About SplackOk, i have fought splack tooth and nail and have finally managed to get this thing running. Well except getting the framebuffer card setup. I\'m trying to get KDE to run. I have a few different FB cards that i can put in it (a GX and a TGX are the only ones i can identify) I\'m unsure of how to configure KDE to run with either of these cards. When i try to start kde i get these error messages.

(II) Module freetype: vendor=\"The XFree86 Project\"
compiled for 4.0.3, module version = 1.1.9
(WW) Warning, couldn\'t open module vga
(EE) Failed to load module \"vga\" (module does not exist, 0)
(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/input/mouse_drv.o
(II) Module mouse: vendor=\"The XFree86 Project\"
compiled for 4.0.3, module version = 1.0.0
(EE) No drivers available.

Fatal server error:
no screens found

Thank you in advance for the help!
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Silo Issues

About SplackOk I have been fighting with Silo for about 24 solid hours now. Everytime i try to install silo all i get it errors spit back at me. If i run siloconfig and choose simple it shoots back \'cannot open /proc/partitions\' six times then says the attempt to install silo has returned an error and has not been installed. If i choose expert mode i can do everything along fine until i select \"install\" and it tries to install silo....upon which it fails. The disk has been partitioned as follows:

partition 1 /boot 20mb linux native
partition 2 swap 1024mb linux swap
partition 3 / remainder of the disk linux native

This is the 16th time i have re-partitioned differently and reinstalled and still no luck.
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Just an stupid bug

Bugs / Known issuesSplack 8.0 + Ultra 10 Workstation + Spanish Sun Keyboard Type 5 or 6

The /etc/rc.d/rc.keymap shell script searches for the \"loadkeys\" program at the /usr/bin folder and this binary is at /bin.


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