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Tuesday, July 17 2018 @ 10:27 PM
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Installing SPLACK on sparcstation

Hardware compatibilityA friend of mine is really interested in splack so I installed it on his sparcstation 5.

This is where it get\'s wierd. upon reboot it refuses to boot. it sits there in the Spacr firmware with an error that it can not boot from the disc. if I manually specify \"boot disc1:1\" it happily boots.

why is his not booting automatically like mine? anyone have a clue how to set it to always try to boot disc1:1?

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Sparcstation 5 dual video cards

Hardware compatibilityHow do I enable both video cards in X for a Sparcstation 5? Under sunos X used the second display while the console used the 1st. I would loveto allow X to use both displays. I do not know if any of the multimon setups for X work on sun hardware.

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splack installed ok.

About Splackerm, i downloaded and installed splack onto my ultra 2. It works ;-)

Not without problems, but hey thats life...

Can\'t help but notice its all a bit quiet here isn\'t it. I\'ve loads of questions, but can anybody answer ?

cheers tho.

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Splack 10 beta with serial console

Hardware compatibilityI\'m trying to install the beta on an Ultra 1, not having a sun keyboard to hand, I\'m using a vt320 on the console port.
The kernel boots fine, and takes me to the login screen, but on trying to log in as root I get the messages Bummer, can\'t open /dev/tty2 and tty3, as would be expected given that I only have the one real terminal, these just keep on repeating forever.
In splack 8 there was an option to boot with a serial console, but this seems to be missing in 10. Is there a workaround, or is the only option to install splack 8 and upgrade?
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About SplackI\'ve got a SS10 with 2x 520 disks, and trying to install from cd. the splack cd boots silo and tries to mount some old partitions on the disk. How can i boot from cd and enter the setup just like in slackware?
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Having difficulty installing on a Sun sparc 5

Hardware compatibilityHaving difficulty installing on a Sun SPARCstation 5
I had version 7.1 (I think) installed & worked OK-ish.
I have downloaded the current iso & installed it OK, appart from it recognising my network card!
But when I try to boot it can\'t find /etc/silo.conf.
I tried to boot from CD & get it running but it boots the CD.
I used kernel sun4dm.s.
Has anybody any ideas

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HyperSparc support

Hardware compatibilityTo make a long story short :
2.4.27 (shipped with splack-beta) works UP on HyperSparc
(and it seems _very_ stable).
2.4.27 (recompiled) doesn\'t work SMP on HyperSparcs
(crash after 2 or 3 lines of kernel output at boot).
Test hardware :
SparcStation 20
2x HS125-1024 (RT626 with 1024K L2)


Fran?ois Cami (Stilgar)
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Splack 10.0 Beta test

DevelopersSplack 10.0 beta updated
New CD installer 32 + 64 bit
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Known problems

Bugs / Known issuesSun4d SMP needs 2.4.27 plus patches.
Sun4d SMP does not work with serial console.
See hardware compatibility for Sparc Storage Array problems.
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Installing splack-current

Versionssplack-current does not yet have a working installer.
Here is a hack to install splack-current on machines which are supported by the 2.2.20 kernel used by splack-8.0
This will not work for newer machines such as the SunBlade and SunFire series.


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