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Tuesday, July 17 2018 @ 10:15 PM
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Perl and openssl broken in 10.1

Bugs / Known issuesI\'ve installed Splack 8.0 on my Ultra 5 and then upgraded the packages to tree-10.1.
It mostly works (even x11 works), but I noticed that these packages are broken:
perl - there are docs and something other but there is no perl inside - so I used perl 5.8.0 from beta
openssl - same as perl - the libraries are missing
silo - it\'s unable to boot any kernel, 1.2.5 works fine

I\'ve compiled my own 2.6.14 kernel and it seems to work.
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Just an stupid bug

Bugs / Known issuesSplack 8.0 + Ultra 10 Workstation + Spanish Sun Keyboard Type 5 or 6

The /etc/rc.d/rc.keymap shell script searches for the \"loadkeys\" program at the /usr/bin folder and this binary is at /bin.
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Compiling 64bit programs

Bugs / Known issuesHi there, I have a question: how can I compile 64bit programs under Splack? I can\'t understand what all the various GCC commands are for, but they all give some errors:
cclix7:~ $ gcc64 a.c
a.c:1:19: stdio.h: No such file or directory

cclix7:~ $ gcc -m64 a.c
cc1: -m64 is not supported by this configuration
cc1: -mlong-double-64 not allowed with -m64

What should I do? GCC is 3.2.3 (splack-current), and a.c is just a helloworld program.

Thanks in advance!
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Known problems

Bugs / Known issuesSun4d SMP needs 2.4.27 plus patches.
Sun4d SMP does not work with serial console.
See hardware compatibility for Sparc Storage Array problems.


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