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Tuesday, July 17 2018 @ 10:13 PM
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DevelopersI\'ve merged a couple of xorg.conf files from Debian with the one distributed with rc.5, it works well on an E4500 with cgsix and should be OK on ATI or Creator 3D.

I\'ve done my best to retain as much of the original Slackware comments etc. as are appropriate.

Somebody please tell me where to send it if it\'s likely to be of any use to the project.

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How to help

DevelopersHello all,

i like to use Sun-HW and (of course) Slackware. I have some experience with Slackware/Slackintosh. At the moment i have no HW, but will get a Ultra5 workstation in the next days. So i try to install splack on it (which version is the preferred one? 8.0 or 10-beta).
After that and some playing, i\'m \"ready\" to help!

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Splack 10.0 Beta test

DevelopersSplack 10.0 beta updated
New CD installer 32 + 64 bit


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