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Tuesday, July 17 2018 @ 10:31 PM
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Splack on SS20

Hardware compatibilityHi, all.

I\'ve got a Sparcstation 20 knocking around. Is any version of Splack able to install on this hardware? If not, I may have to try BSD.


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Splack 8.0 on Sun Netra

Hardware compatibilityI am trying to install Splack 8.0 on a Sun Netra T105 using a serial terminal. I get as far as logging on as root and getting the Bummer tty2 and tty3 messages. I fixed that by following the instructions for the workaround, but I can't get Splack install to recognise my cdrom as the source. I get a message refering me to FAQ.TXT for info on how to copy some of the cdrom to hard disk to install but there is no mention of that in FAQ.TXT.
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Losing keyboard after Start Up

Hardware compatibilityI?m installing 10.2 on a Sun Sparc 10. All goes well during installation, but when booting for first time from hard disk, the keyboard loses key-mapping and it?s impossible to continue working . I tried all keyboard configuration. What should I verify ?.

My best regards. Roberto
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booting from cdrom

Hardware compatibilityhello world

I\'ve tried the a,ap,d,x,xap packages from the tree-10.1 on my sunblade 1000, everything is ok. Does someone succeed in building a spalck iso that can boot from cdrom on blade series ?
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Ultra 5 fast data access miss

Hardware compatibilityHi, I am trying to install splack 8 on a ultra5 400MHz. Booting from cdrom fails because \"fast data access MMU miss\". any workaround?
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beta on sun blade 1000

Hardware compatibilityI ve successfully installed the beta dist on a sun blade 1000 using the tftpboot image.
I m gona try to build the complete beta un my new station.
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On Ultra1 with Splack8: poweroff after halt and wide scsi disk with adapter keeps wide

Hardware compatibilityOn my Ultraparc 1 I have installed Splack 8 succesfully. There are two minor problems:
1. after `halt\' it returns to openboot i.s.o. switching off the computer. On my Sparcstation 5 it works fine. Do I have to change something in openboot?
2. I have got an extra hard disk of Western Digital with 68 pins wide scsi connector. Via an adapter I reduced it downto 50 pins. In /proc/scsi/esp/0. it says it is wide, but the connector is narrow. What has to be changed in the driver drivers/scsi/esp.c ?

Thanks in advance,

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Services Down (sshd, inetd)

Hardware compatibilityI'm successfully installing splack on sun4u 5, and everything was going fine (I could do a remote ssh, ftp and telnet) and I let the computer standby for 2 days, until the next day I could not do a ssh or any inetd services, where I'm sure that all the services runs well! Do you know what probably happen? Is it all because of the hardware instead? Btw, how to fsck your diskdrive, because everytime i do fsck /dev/hda2, there appear a question that the /dev/hda2 is mouted, of course I can not amout it since it's the only drive active I have instead of /dev/hda1 as swap? thank you
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Splack and blade100

Hardware compatibilityAre there any versions of splack that boot on the 100? I want to install it but don\'t have another sun tftp to boot from.
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kernel 2.4.5

Hardware compatibilityI\'ve successfully compiled kernel 2.4.5 with splack 8 and built a raid 1 with two of my 6 hdd. Splack works perfectly on my enterprise 250 server with WindowMaker and gnustep.
I \'m beginning to build packages


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