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Tuesday, July 17 2018 @ 10:13 PM
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Splack 12.1 rc9 is ready

VersionsGood news everyone! Splack 12.1 release candidate 9 is online and doing fine!
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GCC 3.x.x for Splack Linux for SPARC64

VersionsHas anyone built a native sparc64 linux GCC of version > 2.9x, hopefully GCC 3.x.x. I\'d like to upgrade my splack linux box to GCC 3.x and I\'m having problems building it using tools such as crosstool.


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Installing splack-current

Versionssplack-current does not yet have a working installer.
Here is a hack to install splack-current on machines which are supported by the 2.2.20 kernel used by splack-8.0
This will not work for newer machines such as the SunBlade and SunFire series.


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